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July 2, 2013

Casette Case Iphone Holder

 photo loveaestheticscasetteiphonecase0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticscasetteiphonecase00.jpg

What is it with measurements of iconic devices?
The case of a mini cassette fits an iPhone precisely and is just the exact height and width of its charger. It fits so perfectly that seems as if it was made for each other.

Last week my boyfriend finally joined the fun on the internet, and got his first ever social media account. Even I found out something on his feed that I didn’t know; that mini DV cassette cases and iPhones are a match made in heaven. After posting it he got some comments, and I even got a question in my inbox asking ‘where to buy this gorgeous clear iphone stand’. So I thought I’d make a post about it; it is just the case of a mini DV cassette!

50 responses to “Casette Case Iphone Holder”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You two are really a great couple! You are both full of ideas and inspriations, I really love your blog. And now, his news feed as well. 🙂

    All the best from germany!

  2. I thought it was an actual iPhone stand. This is awesome. I love minimalist things like this & the fact it’s like recycling makes it even more appealing.

    The Fashann Monster

  3. Tine says:

    This is brilliant!

  4. This is great! I’m hoping it suits my Nexus too, I’ll try it out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This was so AWESOME, BRILLIANT! You guys are so creative!

    xx, AL

  7. Rhea says:

    This is so cool! <3

  8. Super thanks for sharing! Ik had het toevallig al bij je vriend voorbij zien komen en heb me dagen afgevraagd waar dat perfecte doosje voor je oplader vandaan kwam! Super leuk om nu te horen dat het dus gewoon een cassettedoosje is en dat het ook nog eens de perfecte iPhone standaard blijkt te zijn… 🙂


  9. Olga says:

    This is fucking brilliant!!! And I think a cassette case could be also used as storage or display for so many other things – it’s not even funny! I guess I’ll be hunting for unscratched cassette cases in thrift stores from now on! Thanks for sharing!


  10. What a GREAT idea, it really is like they were made for each other. Sadly though the UK adaptor to the wall is a lot larger so don’t think this will work for me :,(

  11. Anu says:

    This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” moment. Lol, nonetheless, this is quite a clever idea.

  12. putri soe says:


    Cheers from Jakarta,

  13. Wat handig zeg!


  14. this is amazing! I immediately had to find a cassette case for this (which was not hard) thanks for the tip 🙂


  15. Matthew Pike says:

    that’s pretty sweet, who knew

  16. cuteNroll says:

    wow amazing! Thanks for sharing, it is a perfect DIY!

    alice c’n’r

  17. DAGMAR says:

    Fantastic idea, really!
    You know, I really love your blog. I might not have made it remarkable, but I’ve been following up on yourblog for a couple of years now. You are – the biggest inspiration I’ve ever had! Not only with your style, but also the way you live and have these strong opinions. So yeah, I just wanna thank you for being such an amazing person and blogger 🙂

  18. DAGMAR says:

    Oh, and then I’ve been wanting to ask what you use for editing your pictures? I’m sure you’ve been asked hundreds of times…

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  20. DREAMY says:

    I love the coincidence there!
    I have a confession… I had a rather cool dream that I was hanging out with you in your home, the other night. I err, hope that’s flattering rather than creepy!

  21. Anonymous says:

    i thought this idea was brilliant! but i tried it out and it just doesn’t fit 🙁 could you make a video how you put the charger in the case? it is not totally understandable. but i want this soo deeply! its such a cool match (though it doesn’t match for me – jet) 🙂 xx

  22. Kiki says:

    I am completely stunned by your creative skills! : )

  23. Adél says:

    You’re so crative! Sometimes I feel this is too much, but these minimal things are so-so-so great! I can’t write it into words.


  24. Delilah says:

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  25. Anouk says:

    Wat een tof idee! Ik heb het zelf meteen uitgeprobeerd, maar het past niet. Het lukt me niet om het (usb) kabeltje zo klein op te rollen! Hoe heb jij dat gedaan? Tips?

  26. teresa says:

    Fantastic! I’m sure my dad has a few of those kicking around at home somewhere, I’ll steal one when I’m next over.

  27. rs gold says:

    Extremely thanks for sharing! Ik had het toevallig al bij je vriend voorbij zien komen en heb me dagen afgevraagd waar dat perfecte doosje voor je oplader vandaan kwam! Extremely leuk om nu te horen dat het dus gewoon een cassettedoosje is en dat het ook nog eens de perfecte iPhone standaard blijkt te zijn… 🙂
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  28. e says:

    what a happy marriage – now i have a use for all my old mini dv cassette holders! 😉 it always makes me a bit nostalgic to see older technology phased out, nice to see how you have utilized the case here with the iphone.

  29. Who would have thought of it :)!That’s such a cool idea.
    I think I have some old cassette holders,the normal size and the mini ones.I don’t have an iPhone,but these cassette holders could hold many other things…like an eyeshadow palette for example…

    Many greetings from Slovenia…

  30. This is amazing. I really love this. I have buy one for my iPhone 5.

  31. Anonymous says:

    um, coolest thing ever! #80’skid

  32. Sweet Fairy says:

    This is superb. I like your idea. Thanks for sharing. telekupon

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  34. So creative. Thanks for sharing. en ucuz iphone

  35. means all in one ..nice.

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  37. This is so nice. I like it. Where i can find this, I want this for my iPhone.

  38. This is great post with quality pictures and detail. Thanks for post. keep it up

  39. Emily D. says:

    Where did you find a mini cassette holder that didn’t have the pair of little spikes in them? All of mine have spikes for keeping the cassettes in place.

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