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June 30, 2016


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This post was made in collaboration
with be a student,
images Romeo and Ivania

Brussels. Unpretentious and inspiring.
It is slightly untidy and disorganized but when things are raw, undecided or unfinished – there is opportunity as well. It is a city with a lot of space for new input. The empty buildings scream opportunity (average rent is 58.9% cheaper than London and 55.2% cheaper than Amsterdam – just saying). It is incredibly diverse, houses top universities for international students, is multicultural, multilingual, sometimes you forget where you are as locals around you speak Dutch, English and French.

We were invited by the graduate schools and universities of Brussels to come explore their city, and specially found that it makes a great place to study. Without much further ado, here’s our list of must-visit spots:

/ Library – Keizerslaan, 4
A tranquil central point of the city within walking distance of Central Station. Surrounded by a park and with lush courtyard garden inside. We developed a little crush on its brown marble staircase.

/ Hunting & Collecting – Rue des Chartreux, 17
Yes, there is a little high-end designer street that will provide the usual luxury names. But if you are really looking for more contemporary brands head a little North for Hunting & Collecting. A boutique with a super friendly and relaxed atmosphere stocking labels like Acne, Off white, Gosha Rubchinskiy, MM6, Lemaire and Jacquemus.

/ Views – Poelaertplein / Parking 58
After work and school hours – before sunset, people gather around the Poelaertplein with some snacks and wine. The view stretches out across the city and becomes better when the sun goes down and the city light are turned on. Another place to hang out and see the city from a rooftop is Parking 58, although it closes during the night. (You’ve seen us sneak in after closing time if you follow on snapchat)

/ Komplot
Besides the uncountable galleries scattered all over the city – there definitely seems to be a lot of interest and business in art – Komplot is a non-profit collective also doing interesting things; providing a platform at different locations for experimental art in the form of exhibitions, publications, films, discussions, workshops, symposium or events.

/ Via Antica – Rue Blaes, 40
Wonderland for vintage design furniture, three stories high, 2000 m2 of handpicked treasures, completely crammed and a little unorganised in the best way possible. Beautiful investment pieces for your home, but if you’re not buying anything – you’ll find a lot of material, shape and color inspiration in this place as well.

– see you again soon Brussels


  1. Rachel says:

    I’m intrigued
    Beautiful photography as always

  2. Dima says:

    what’s your snapchat?

  3. sophia says:

    I love Brussels – my favourite EU city! 🙂

  4. Thera says:

    Brussels is the capital and the micro-kosmos of Europe. Here you find the good and bad things of Europe. It’s the place to go.

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