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December 1, 2016





Blank Book by Love Aesthetics Aetelier

image by Ivania

The Blank Book was inspired by my inspiration; nothing. And by nothing I don’t mean that nothing inspires me, but I’m referring the the things that are not yet there, that are missing, a lack, a void.

Like a white unprinted t-shirt, an unoccupied house without any furniture, a clean canvas, a roll of fabric, clean faces without make up, an abandoned construction site, a flickering cursor on a white computer screen, a bowl of noodles without the toppings. And of course the classics of this list: a book without its cover and a new sketchbook with blank pages. Things that trigger your brain to come up with a million possibilities.

Capturing this feeling of endless possibility, I came up with the idea of a Blank Book; the ultimate clean slate for your drawings, thoughts and ideas to grow in. Or to be used as an album / DIY coffee table book. But I’ve been hearing that a lot of customers also like to keep it blank on their coffee table as an object on and conversation starter.



  1. Pinko says:

    this. is everything.
    honestly, we often see artists trying to capture the artfulness of a blank page, mostly ending up with an outcome that screams cliché and forced.
    but this.
    this short paragraph you wrote was enough to capture the very thing attempted so many times, but just never nailed truly.
    the idea, the aesthetic, and the description especially..

    keep being amazing 🙂

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