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November 8, 2013

‘Beach Walk’

 photo loveaestheticsbeachwalk02.jpg

 photo LoveAestheticsBeachWalk.jpg

A ‘Beach Walk’ along the concrete docks of the Amsterdam harbor. We find the docklands most enchanting during the gloomy autumn and winter months, when the sea looks almost black and the skies are grey. The air here is salty, fresh, clean and cold, yet sometimes there is a vague industrial smell of gasoline and iron that passes you by.

Our friends at Margiela asked Romeo and me to send in an image of our favorite memories corresponding to one of the fragrances in the Replica line. These scents instantly evoke images and impressions and force lingering memories of touch, taste and smell, taking you back to a certain time and place. With contributions of artists from all over the world they will be creating a database of memories, a collective work art that is now on display at Galerie Philppe Jousse in Paris and the Replica tumblr.

45 responses to “‘Beach Walk’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wat een mooie foto’s… Ik kan niet wachten tot Lazy Sunday Morning wordt verkocht, heel erg benieuwd.

  2. The photos and your outfit is timeless. I can feel the fresh saltiness from the sea in my mouth!

  3. Hele mooie foto’s!

    Ik ben ook heel benieuwd naar die nieuwe parfum lijn.


  4. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Stunning images! xx.

  5. Delilah D says:

    this is beyond beautiful

  6. Melanie says:

    i really really like the layout of your blog! it’s so pure and simple, just like your style! x

  7. So Vain says:

    Wow so artistic and beautiful! really amazing photography!

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  8. ODYSSEY says:

    Lovely, evocative imagery. Against the grey, you are a stand-out in white!

  9. Noor says:

    I love how perfect and serene everything looks.

  10. LAURA HOLM says:

    Perfect pictures, really amazing!

  11. Your blog is always so ispiring. We love your minimalism,the feeling of infinite and purity, this aseptic world. We started posting on our blog yesterday, we love minimalism too, black and white… We hope you’ll visit us at

  12. meaningful / calm / minimalist / love


  13. Bri says:

    Wow, wonderful shots. Love the contrast given by the white.

    xx R U I B R I

  14. Anonymous says:

    i love the pictures – very margiela like. but they are not a “sun kissed salty skin” on a “beach walkt” at all (as the fragrance is supposed to smell). why did you decide to do a “nightmare version” of the theme? xo

  15. Thanks everyone for the kind words, so happy to hear you enjoy the images.

    at anonymous:
    The idea was to give our own interpretation of the Replica titles. A California beach is something very distant and strange for me. Though when I tried to come up with an idea for ‘Lazy Sunday Morning’ for example it felt like I had to think to come up with something. The title beach walk just immediately brought the image of the dark Dutch water to mind. And I think that was exactly Margiela’s point; to evoke a memory.
    I don’t think it’s the nightmare version of it at all, just because it is different from the usual cliche beach scene. The Amsterdam docks are just beautiful, impressive, busy, alive, partly still an industrial area with huge boats passing by, and partially becoming a place for art and cultural events.

  16. All the shades of grey, the white contrast, the immeasurable space! There is so much poetry in these images! I feel in love.

    Fantastic work Ivania.

    Fijn weekend!

  17. Nathan Moy says:

    It’s simple and one of my favorite outfit posts from you, it’s more editorial and like a mood shot and it’s so amazing Ivania. Very DYNAMIC! Btw, I just uploaded an exclusive preview of the LOUIS VUITTON S/S14 showroom visit I attended of Marc Jacob’s final collection, check it out to see all the PROVOKING details of couture beadings and huge feather showgirl headdresses!

    xx The Provoker

  18. Laura lexo says:

    These pics are amazing! I totally like the theme you give for the fragrance


  19. Wauw, wat een super prachtige eerste foto. Heel sterk!


  20. Camila says:

    beautiful beautiful pictures!

  21. Anna Black says:

    These photos are amazing, love the sea contrasting with the concrete!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dear Ivania

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer profoundly. I get your point. By all means I didn’t want to express something negative with the term “nightmare version” – I consider myself as a “nightmare” person too who’s more into obscure and colourless than the bright, shiny and glossy world. Just after I commented I felt ridiculous about my question because I know it would have felt so wrong to see you in a bikini on a sunny and sandy beach with a cocktail in your hand (therefore you go for a random plastic bag – haha, you know how to keep it simple sister).

    It’s interesting that Romeo and you were able to create such a calm atmosphere despite of the noisy and busy surrounding of the Amsterdam docks. I love that fact.

    Those pictures remind me so much of one of my favorite paintings. Its called The Monk by the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich (about 1808-10). You somehow created the modern and urban version of the same mood. At least your photographs managed to evoke the same feeling in me.

    Have a nice sunday and keep up with the good work

    xo Isabelle

  23. FASHION ICE says:

    these images are so beautiful! I really like the simplicity and mood of them

  24. Lisa says:

    Erg mooie foto’s!

  25. SIMON says:


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    Sent from my iPhone

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  27. Beautiful photos, love the story behind them evenmore.

    Love Bodil,

  28. Thank you dear Isabel for your kind words and the comparison with Friedrich, such a big compliment

  29. your outfit is timeless, i love the landscape… great beach walk….

  30. laratank says:

    beautiful photos. would you mind mentioning who makes those pants? they are cropped at the perfect length.

  31. thank you Laratank, trousers are vintage, though I adjusted them to this length myself

  32. melissa says:

    Simply beautiful

  33. Jake says:

    So beautiful!! I just started a fashion/ style blog so this is super inspiring
    – Jake

  34. Suzette says:

    Can you maybe tell me where exactly this is?

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