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March 7, 2014


 photo loveaestheticsathletic000.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsathletic0.jpg

tee: COS
coat: made by me
leggings: Nike
sandals: Topshop
pouch: Jil Sander

The little pile of athletic wear is a full member of my wardrobe. The clothes on that pile get picked just as often as any other pile. Besides being worn for their intended purpose, my running tights are worn for everyday. If you have seen me out dancing, big chance that I was wearing my running gear. I love the actual sports elements (not sports inspired) in these tights and there is just something about them that makes you want to move.

34 responses to “Athletic”

  1. Sharrel says:

    Love the way you styled it<3 Really inspiring.


  2. Lush. I love the sports luxe look at the moment.

  3. Marieke S says:

    Your outfits are always beautiful! 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    and the best thing of wearing sports tights: they are so comfortable! much better than jeans

  5. You look chic in black and white as always xx

  6. Only you can wear sport tights like this!

  7. Jenna Galley says:

    How do you manage to get away with this. So perfect. xx

  8. Karina So. says:

    I love your blog! Your outfits and pictures always come out looking perfect!

    The Chaotic Dreamer

  9. YZ Chan says:

    I’m really into sporty clothes at the moment, so your outfit is fab. x

  10. Ysk says:

    Love the coat!

  11. Milex says:

    Pretty pretty!

  12. You pull off some of the most visually intriguing looks! You have some serious skills.



  13. ediot says:

    You look amazing girl
    love the coat. well made.
    this look looks so comfy, casual but sleek.well done

  14. Kate Sarah says:

    If i wore my workout gear out, everyone would be thinking “…whaaa?” but you make it look so (for lack of a better word,) fashion.
    -Kate from Bleached Mort

  15. Jay says:

    I am totally in favour of combining sporty clothes with elegant pieces. It gives a great effect.

  16. Mothi says:

    Ik heb hier gewoon geen woorden voor…

    Much Love, M

  17. Love the coat, wish I could have one for myself!!!

    Hugs from México

  18. Lisa says:

    heel erg tof! Het staat je prachtig en geeft mij opeens inspiratie.. Mijn sportteam heeft een tenue van , erg fashionable en prima te combineren met een dagelijkse outfit. Super idee!

  19. Your outfits are always surprising and stunning!

  20. Um, perf! Such a simple yet fun twist on athletic wear. Yet, dancing still counts as exercise so I think you’re totally in the right in wearing such an outfit! At least you’ll be one of the few who’ll be able to move freely, as opposed to the girls wearing mini dresses and platforms.

  21. Sandra V. says:

    Pretty outfit! I love your coat

  22. Lisa says:

    geweldige look!

  23. So genius how chic you made the athletic wear look!

  24. Anonymous says:

    is that tee from the current collection?

  25. Madeleine says:

    Love your coat!!!
    Have you posted an diy?

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