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October 13, 2018

ASOS gems for your consideration

Long puffer / Here
Sunglasses / Here
Crystal earrings / Here
Clear heel mules / Here
fine knit top / Here
This post was created in collaboration with Asos
images by Romeo

Here you go guys, some of the current gems from ASOS for your consideration.
They asked me to style a look with their new collection, so I pulled these chic and comfy pieces to wear and discuss.

Starting off with the coat that has expanded my comfort zone in the most literal sense; a long quilted number that looks and feels like a duvet. The fabric has a satin sheen and depending on the light situation changes from grey to navy. As per usual when it comes to coats, I took two sized too big for even more added cosiness. Having just moved to the coastal and incredibly windy city that is Rotterdam, this is a very welcomed addition to my wardrobe.

Then on to the accessories department, which I am specially enthusiastic about. Because with a few small, well picked pieces your look is updated. Rectangular black sunglasses with temples as wide as the front frame itself. They are slim, but not so skinny that they lose their function. These will block out light from the front and the side.

Staying in the rectangular theme; the crystal earrings in glass and metal. A nice detail on these are that the back of the earrings are metal and pitch black, which makes them feel quite modern and sturdy, not just like a funny glitter accessory. I have a feeling these will last.

Lastly – according to my phone, I already walked about 8km on these; the faux leather mules on a clear round heel, a nice square toe and the right height for marathons long days.

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4 responses to “ASOS gems for your consideration”

  1. Love the long puffer look! I get cold easy and it looks like it’d even keep me warm and cosy! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. giulia says:

    that’s so cool!! I wish you could make a selection of things you like in every affordable online store 🙂

  3. sara nena says:


  4. email qna says:

    That earrings are so cute! Thank you for sharing!

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