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September 11, 2015


love aesthetics calvin klei watch 1

love aesthetics calvin klein watch2

love aesthetics calvinklein watch3


Watch / Calvin Klein
jeans / vintage Levi’s
top / DIY
pictures Romeo, edit Ivania

If I ever got the opportunity to direct a campaign or lookboor for watches, it would look something like this. A bunch of anonymous arms in a sunny city; hands hanging over metal balustrades, writs resting on walls and some more arms hanging out on concrete stairs.

Actually I like to wear this Calvin Klein watch with the clock on the inside of my wrist so that only the steel band is visible on the outside, so that it looks even more like a (simple)piece of jewellery.


4 responses to “ANONYMOUS ARMS”

  1. Nina says:

    Campaign material!


  2. Sunita says:

    and When I have my line of pure, bare, simplest of the most simple watches, you will lead, direct and market the whole campaign. Deal? 😉 I’d have the contracts ready if it didn’t seem like such a faraway dream. (Sigh)

    But really Ivania, I’ve said this before (on your fb) and I’ll say it again, your aesthetic is pretty singular and may seem limiting to some (hogging mere mortals like us) but you never fail to come up with sth unique that is only yours + refreshing each time. I am in awe always. How do you do what you do! Whatever it is, I hope you keep at it and provide us with seamless inspiration. You stand out singularly in all the white noise (pardon the pun) that is the fashion blogging garble most of the times.

    • ivaniacarpio says:

      You have a deal my friend- thank you dear Sunita for your sweet sweet encouraging message. I’ve made a screen shot of it, to look at it on my desktop this week.

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