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March 18, 2013

All White, Red Matte Lips

trousers: thrifted
jacket: thrifted (similar here)
shoes: dr Martens
tee: cut off Hema

I wore some thrifted items from the 90s last weekend, thought that the mono white outfit could use a little bit of a primary color

so I went for a bright, red, matte lipstick and red dots on my white nails (applying them I felt like such a hooligan) as opposed to my usual paler choices (oh boy, how bold of me).
It’s been a while since I last wore red lipstick, don’t think this will ever become a regular thing.

92 responses to “All White, Red Matte Lips”

  1. So pure and beautiful ♥

  2. So beautiful this all white with the red lips! You should do it more often!

  3. Fabulous ! Love your style !

    XX Luba

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  4. Sofie Groth says:

    This is gorgeous, you really hit home with this outfit. I’ve been trying to achieve an all white outfit for a while but I’m struggling with finding a good pair of pants, they’re often quite see through! x

  5. Linda says:

    Dear Ivania,

    i know it´s been a while sine your “no mascara” post, but i´m pretty sure you still remember what lipstick you were wearing that day?! It was a mac; may i ask which colour it was, since i really liked it.
    No sure if this one is the same, or if it´s just the different, brighter light.
    thanks, and regards,

  6. Dear Linda,
    Yes, it is the same (and the only one I own) red lipstick from MAC, the color is called Matte Lady Danger
    Hope this helped!

  7. Laura says:

    Beautiful photos! And your look is amazing!

  8. Shaz says:

    Your all white outfits are always superb.

  9. Bri Wang says:

    Amazing look. Love the white + red lips.



  10. Melissa V says:

    very unique, love it x

  11. Slide says:

    And that blue sky makes a great accessory too. Awesome.

  12. Liza Chloë says:

    Ooooh wat zie je er weer mooi uit lieverd!

  13. Eline says:

    en wederom, prachtig!
    Heel mooi met de achtergrond ook. Wauw.

  14. Charlie says:

    This is so so perfect. I absolutely love that you took the laces out of the shoes. Such a great idea!

  15. White looks good on tan skin and pale! Being the self-conscious person I am, I can’t stop checking around when I do wear white. Would love to know your secrets in keeping white clothes crisp clean all day! x

    Sparks In Spring

  16. Nomadic D. says:

    Gorgeous. Love the look on you, love the red lips. Don’t know why you say you wouldn’t do it more often, you totally should!

  17. Eva says:

    Prachtige outfit en prachtige foto’s! xx

  18. TheMinx says:

    you really do look fantastic with red lips! I love the combination of red, white, and the bit of pale blue given by the sky in the background 🙂

  19. Sharon says:

    Je ziet er echt prachtig uit zeg!

    Ook hele mooie foto’s!

  20. tedore says:

    where to find monchrome drMartens?

  21. Ahh echt ZO mooi! Zit nog steeds op die Docs te azen, kan ze maar niet mijn maat vinden.


  22. These photo’s are just perfect. The whites with the blues of the sky. Brilliant to give the look a slight color boost with your red lips.

    Kimberley Jade

  23. hiPop says:

    I’m so in love with those all white Docs….especially without laces!

  24. Laura L. says:

    Love it!
    Especially your shoes 🙂

  25. TeuntjeVDW says:

    Truly perfect! xx.

  26. I love these photos with the contrast of this blue sky over your white so white outfits… Love the high waist jeans such a cool piece, now Red lips are top on you and I saw you wearing different colors and pastels in the past…You should do it more often it suits you 🙂

  27. this is probably the best outfit u ever wore or at least my fav! the lipstick complements the outfit so well! u should wear it more often hun xx

  28. Viltė says:

    Everything looks so clean and nice!

  29. ODYSSEY says:

    And the red lips are lovely.

  30. Piia says:

    Pure awesomeness. I´m mesmerized.

  31. Love the simplicity! You’ve have such a unique look!

    X lisa

  32. Joana Santos says:

    Love all! 😀 so gorgeous!


  33. tady. says:

    how minimalism and beautiful! <3 love your style

  34. d. says:

    I love your style!

  35. S. says:

    wauw echt prachtig gefotografeerd
    die setting!

    normaal vind ik je foto’s al super maar dit is helemaal perfect !

  36. Marta says:

    I want these doc so much!! And you look literally perfect wow

  37. And again, a lovely set of pictures!
    Love the all white against the blue sky…

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  38. Just so damn good- the effortlessly chic way of dressing you have nailed is epic.


  39. Samara says:

    There is nothing not to love about this outfit!!

  40. Puck Litaay says:

    Prachtige foto’s, mooi om zo’n wit ensemble in een eveneens simpele maar toch andere omgeving te zien.

    Puck |

  41. wllwproject says:

    Matte red lips are not easy to wear but they look so beautiful;)

  42. Tatiana says:

    Wow! You look like an angel! Love the totally white outfit! And the red lipstick looks fantastic!

    xx Tatiana

  43. melissa says:

    I like the ensemble and I also like how well you always stick to your branding, its perfect!

  44. sassyshann says:

    I love your use of white. So simple but it still makes a statement.

  45. Alicia N. says:

    I seriously can’t get enough of this!

    Neon Fox

  46. nice nice nice! Great look! Now the challenge it to keep it all white! 😉

  47. as always perfect outfit! check my diy jeans I mentioned that you were my inspiration xx

  48. shardette.. says:

    Such a great white on white outfit. And I love that there’s a little bit of blue sky popping through. Bring on Spring/Summer!!

    x Sharday


  49. amalie says:

    amaazing look xx

  50. Ijeoma A says:

    I absoutely adore your style. I love the all whitee look and the finishing it off with the red lipstick. I think you should wear red lipstick a lot more!

  51. oh my god!
    this is my favourite post!
    you look so awesome!
    so pure, so smart… so perfect!


  52. Anne says:

    Nice! it reminds me of Magritte and the Dior adds.
    I love those white shoes!

  53. Fabliha says:

    This is amazing!

  54. You’re beautiful, the touch of red is perfect <3

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  55. So so lovely.

    Tanya xx

    November Grey

    (See my video tutorial on graphic stripes!)

  56. Leah Nielsen says:

    You are so beautiful! 🙂 love the outfit

  57. L says:

    the white queen.
    so great.

  58. White outfits and you are made to one another, love whn you don’t use lipstick but in this case the pop of red in your lips looks beautiful against the white canvas 🙂

  59. WendyB says:

    Love the red lips with all the white!

  60. Emma Silke says:

    This is simply perfection. I love your (almost) all-white outfit so much, that it has inspired me to go from wearing only black and grey colours, to wanting to put on only white.

  61. Lovely look here 🙂

  62. Zsú says:

    love this outfit, looks perfect on you!:)


  63. Fanny says:

    To perfection… love the croped top + high waist pants combo


  64. Where did you get the all white docs!? I have been searching but with no joy 🙁

  65. love it 🙂 congrats

  66. x larrie x says:

    another wonderful red matte lipstick that i find isn’t as drying as lady danger (& is admittedly my new fave) is nars lipstick in “heatwave”.

    you should consider trying it out!

    ps. you look great, as always!

  67. Very informative, I like your content 🙂

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