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October 16, 2016

Aetelier invitation


image by Ivania

The Aetelier (short for Love Aesthetics Atelier) range is slowly expanding.
The next addition will be the very first piece of clothing, I could not be more excited!

For now, all I can share is this garment-info card.
It has been a slow but very nice process. Unlike DIY projects, which always have to be simplified so that the step-by-step is shorter and easier to photograph, I now have an urge to bring ideas to higher levels of execution. Look for the best fabrics, best finishes and the best people to refine them and add their knowledge and expertise. In this case my good friend Arjen Kesteloot, incredibly talented and smart designer who graduated from Artez in 2015, who has worked for Acne, Rika and now also for Aetelier – helped me bring this piece to a next level. He added the perfect finishes and technical details. We lifted it to a luxe garment while holding on to the punk DIY-spirit of the initial idea. I can not wait to show you guys!

It will be launched on the 27th of October, online and in Amsterdam. And of course, you are all invited to the presentation >> here’s a Facebook invite
Hope to see you there!

X Bank
17:00 – 19:00
Spuistraat 172, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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