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May 1, 2017

AETELIER / Packaging Story






images by Ivania


1 / Do you hold on to nice packaging? (If you still have one of those discontinued Acne pink paper bags you know what I mean)

2 / Do you constantly imagine packaging for every single thing? (Do you say ‘Oh and the packaging could be like….’ a lot?)

3 / Have you even considered purchasing something just for the packaging?

4 / Do you take or save pictures of packaging? (Do you have an image folder or Pinterest board dedicated to packaging?)

5 / You know the exact size, color and material of the bags, boxes, tags and cards your favourite brands use.

I’m ticking all boxes of a full blown packaging obsession.

No surprise that for the new imagery of Aetelier‘s webshop, inspiration came from the daily realities of that very webshop; packaging. Piles of white boxes with silver seals, cardboard, shipping forms and rolls of tape everywhere. Behind the scenes become the scenes. You might have already seen some of these on the Aetelier’s Instagram, here’s the full visual story I shot



One response to “AETELIER / Packaging Story”

  1. I hit most of these points… I’m SUCH a sucker for nice packaging!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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