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October 3, 2013

Acne’s ss/14




Acne has some serious balls.
Season after season, the design team does whatever it feels like, without thinking too much about sales and commercialism. They stay in their own bubble and are assured enough of their vision to take -what others would call- risks; the previous collections with magnified silhouettes (which weren’t liked by everyone), this time it was more in the details.

I liked the choices they made; distressed jeans had holes right on the butt cheeks, not the most commercial thing to do. Or when retailers requested to make the jackets more affordable, Acne made them more expensive this season because they chose to improve the quality instead of focussing on the prices. Yet, they manage to keep that Swedish no-fuss-simplicity in there too. Yes. This is why Acne is one of my favorite brands. (BTW, I noticed that their logo has had some slight changes..)

The amount of different techniques and craftsmanship in one collection was staggering: finest embroidery on T-shirts, laser cut leather jackets, japanese cotton, Italian tailored suits and the minimalist Japanese-denim pieces. All in a Sailor and Punk theme as only Acne can present it; no cliches and nothing too obvious. To me it felt very Swedish.

on a personal note/ It was fantastic to have visited the Acne showroom instead of the runway show for a change. And be able to go through the racks of clothes that came fresh off the runway and be able to touch them and look at all the details from up close. The location was gorgeous and unexpected as usual; a big industrial building which unlike all the other shows and presentations was located in an immigrant neighborhood a little outside the center and was a bit raw instead of super polished.

27 responses to “Acne’s ss/14”

  1. Loving everything from Acne ! Such an amazing style !

    XX Luba

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  2. Maria says:

    Acne is one of my favorites, indeed!

  3. Wat een gave 1e foto zo met een zwart en een wit rek en een cut out waar je gezicht zat, heel artistiek! En de cut out jackets zijn zover ik heb kunnen zien inderdaad prachtig…


  4. Wauw, de eerste 2 foto’s met cut-out is echt prachtig. Verder lijkt t me ook wel interessanter om naar de showroom te gaan ipv de show omdat je in alle rust de items van dichtbij zien en voelen. So much personal!
    With love,


    n e w b l o g |

  5. The contrast between the black & white pieces is amazing & so beautiful to look & those shoes!!

    The Fashann Monster

  6. So cool you were able to see the collection in the showroom. To feel the materials and see all the details from up close! It looks like a great collection and love the bracelet! xx

  7. I love Acne, and you are so lucky to be able to see its collection.

  8. Absolutely stunning, you’re such a lucky duck! I LOOOOVED the shoes this season, I want those sooo badly x

  9. EIGHTY EIGHT says:

    love the acne collection! and these pictures of yours are fantastic! may i ask what you are wearing? seems like the perfect sweater/dress!

  10. Joana says:

    ACNE is the epitome of minimalism in fashion. Thus, I heart them endlessly.

    x Joana
    When You Dream Big

  11. Ik zag al wat voorbij komen op instagram, echt prachtig!

  12. Adelajda says:

    too cool, too expensive ;<

  13. HayleyMG says:

    one day, i WILL own an acne leather jacket! lol

    Hayley xx

  14. Lola says:

    I like this type of attitude!! x

  15. wllwproject says:

    Acne is awesome indeed. Bold and with a strong sense of identity.

  16. Noor says:

    Yes, and that is why I love them.

  17. Marie Parker says:

    Acne is one of the most common diseases worldwide and a serious concern for 80% of people between 12 and 25 years.
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