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August 8, 2016





shoes / vintage Prada

images: Ivania

Hard to get is more fun.
The ones you have to invest time in, search for and chase down to obtain. Not talking about boys, but stuff is often most appreciated when it is finally yours after putting in that extra effort. Like a pair of perfect Prada mules in all their square-toed glory from the late nineties that I finally found in my size. With black, shiny, skin on leather and an equally shiny satin, square, chunky kitten heel.

Slowly collecting and picking things that you really love, as opposed to consuming stuff that is thrown into your face; high street sneaker stores for example; where often they cover an entire wall with one model in two different color ways, instead of putting a different shoe on every shoe shelf. It reminds me of a trick that I used to pull on my kid (it only worked when she was a toddler) so here’s the trick: ‘do you want an apple or a carrot for a snack?’ instead of asking ‘what do you want to snack on?’ (answer would probably be Pizza). Kind of giving her a choice but not really. It also reminds me of the current political environment; two ‘choices’ but not really. And because there are no other options, Lois eats the apple, most teenagers in The Netherlands own at least two pairs of Nike Huarache, and Clinton and Trump get votes.

It is often said that fashion is a reflection of soiety and its current state of mind which brings me to the question: is looking the same a byproduct of thinking the same? Of not being an individual, not questioning things, putting up with whatever is given to you and following the rest of the masses blindly? Is following these mass trends part of forgetting who you are, what you like and what you stand for?

PS / hi guys, long time no see

8 responses to “CHOICES; PIZZA AND PRADA”

  1. Rachel says:

    So nice to read a post from you again! Absolutely love your work, and this post was especially beautifully written xx

  2. Nkh says:

    This post is a killer. Great photos and the best piece of text i’ve read in a while.

  3. Ava says:

    Hi! Do you mind me asking where the thriftstore is?


  4. Millie says:

    Hello again! Loving these x

    Millie x

  5. Roke says:

    Classic. I love classic pieces for the wardrobe.

  6. B says:

    Hi. I really hate to be one of those people, bUT after reading your website I think you might be interesTed in a brand called all birds. They make wool sneakers. I don’t like shopping online, and u was very skeptical about the brand as a whole bit since my pair arrived I’ve worn them every waking hour. I really like the transportation

    • B says:

      *transparency in their philosophy. It seems weird to write about something so positively (I don’t know much about the brand ) but I just really like the comfort and I think it a lines well with your website

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