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Love Aesthetics is the brain child of Ivania Carpio, who founded the blog in 2008 to create a digital space for her vision and thoughts translated both visually and textually. Her Love for Aesthetics has transcended clothing and takes form in product design as well through her product line ‘Love Aesthetics Aetelier’. She has caught the eye of many in the fashion world, collaborations include Maison Margiela, Nick Knight, Dutch Vogue and Calvin Klein among many others. Her work has been showcased in Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam and Galeri Philippe Jousse. She strives to create a world for herself that makes her feel inspired, yet at ease. Through this manifestation she brings you Love Aesthetics.


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Though you rarely see him, he is there half of the time, behind the camera. By the signature, graphic compositions of his photographs you can tell that he was involved. Take a look at the Wearing and Places section where he captures outfits and architecture. His sharp eye and the fact that he always asks the right questions has made him essential for pushing the quality of everything that Love Aesthetics produces.

Love Aesthetics does not accept gifted products in exchange for posts or social media mentions.