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June 20, 2014


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Shoes / Nike air max 1 – CLOT – kiss of death
post in collaboration with Nike
images by me

Though I very much love my sportswear, when Nike approached Love Aesthetics for a little collaboration, I had to pass on the baton to someone who is much more in the know about trainers. So thank you Romeo, for so enthusiastically telling us about the symptoms that you sometimes experience. (And finally giving me an excuse to shoot those clear air max trainers of yours)

01/ Somehow a part of your brain is occupied with manufacturing dates, color codes and random facts and stories about Nike. Your obsession interest in trainers has turned into knowledge after nights of reading books and spending time on forums researching your newly purchased trainers.

02/ Even though you love shoes, you don’t buy every new color that pops into highstreet ‘sneaker’ stores.
It’s more about finding that one perfect pair and appreciating it; the trainers you wore as a child that bring back 90s memories, Nike i-Ds that are completely your taste or an exclusive trainer from a sneaker boutique. Respected boutiques with a Tier one account have access to a lot of limited shoes that you will not find in your local footlocker. But there is even a sicker type of account called Tier zero which allows boutiques to buy shoes that are made with a higher level of technology and also allows them to assemble an exclusive colorway specially for their brand. Worldwide there are around than 10 boutiques that have this access (among others Atmos, Colette, Huff, Undefeated).

03/ Your friends don’t understand why you say your shoe cost you 300 euro when it says 150 on the label.
Often you buy two pairs of shoes, air seal one and keep your fingers crossed it becomes deadstock.

04/ You seem to have no space left in your closet. That’s because you never throw away your shoe boxes to keep an archive of your trainers.

05/ You know exactly what the time difference between your hometown and Japan/ United States/ UK is. The reason for this is you’ve been spending way too many hours on Ebay and know when the auctions are ending.

06/ You become a bit stressed when you see an certain shoe walking down the street on a rainy day or at a festival and hope the wearer has a second pair safely at home. But after all, your Nikes are made to be worn and not to be kept in boxes.

One shoe that I am still on the lookout for is the Nike Jordan 3 from 1988. Back then Jordan still belonged to Nike and the shoe has different characteristics; a Nike logo on the heel.

Ivania recently found her childhood dream shoes; a pair of white Cortez (She talks about that and her about her love for Nike with i-D magazine, interview here).

Is there a shoe that you are currently hunting down?

17 responses to “NIKE ADDICTION”

  1. Clara says:

    I’ve always been into sneakers, but my brother got me into Nike… he’s got so many pairs. Lately I’ve been looking for the Nike Roshe Run Woven in all black, but whenever I find them they don’t have my size… But I won’t give up! Ha.

  2. Patience says:

    Not a pair of nikes, but a pair of United Nudes, mono lo in black … Out of stock at the UN site, so searching the web for it…

  3. nika says:

    I loved that post a lot! 🙂
    My boyfriend just got basic black Nike Roshes and they are awesome for summer (super lightweight + breathable) and I’m still thinking about the all black woven Nike Roshe (hey commenter above me!). Haven’t made up my mind yet though, precisely because of the reasons you stated – you want it to be more than just a new sneaker!

  4. Rebecca says:

    When I discovered your blog I fell in love with those glow in the dark white air max 1. After dreaming about them for like 2 months I finally decided to buy them – christmas came early this year 😀

  5. AngelNailsIt says:

    Hi, my name is Angel and I have a Nike addiction.

  6. Dom says:

    Such beautiful photos! And those tattoos are to DIE for – they’re so cool. Anywho, I’ve never been a fan of sneakers/gym shoes (the American version of saying ‘trainers’). Even when sportswear became casual and trendy as it has been for the past few seasons. Nevertheless, I enjoyed your post on your personal insight about finding the perfect shoe!

  7. Jo says:

    ADORE this photos! This is why I love your blog, you use and wear white better than anyone

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  8. Iris says:

    There are a pair of Nikes that I absolutely need. They’re the Nike Air Max 1 in liquid silver. I need them so bad but I’m not a sneaker head so I suck at finding them. Plus they’re so expensive :/ but I’m gonna get them regardless!

  9. Bami says:

    I truly appreciate your work, blog and opinions and really dont mean to be rude but this post has obvious advertisement charakter to me and I feel a bit sad about it…
    I mean in a previous post you encourage the readers to buy less and in general promote a sustainible, responsible lifestyle, what I fully support and adore but seeing this post I doubt the seriousness of your previous statements. Nevertheless I’m stil fond of your work and looking forward to upcoming posts.

  10. Stefan says:

    the white huarache and the nike air mid 2 superbowl. sold out everywhere 🙁


  11. @Bami
    Thanks for your feedback. Yes, it is a sponsored post (clearly stated twice: in the first paragraph and in the left column) I am always very open about this and want you guys to know exactly what is going on. You’ll never see any hidden advertisements like outfit posts with clothes where I am secretly getting payed for, which I know happens a lot in the bloggosphere. Thanks to these collaborations with brands, I am able to spend more time and effort on other posts Love Aesthetics too (and pay rent and feed my kid ;)). I hope you understand

    Also I am very careful and picky about which brands I work with. The rule is it should only be about products that I know and support. In this case Nike is the brand of all my trainers, so it was a definite yes. Editorial freedom is also a very important part, so there are no words or phrases in these posts prescribed by the brand.

    My boyfriend Romeo wrote this post and it’s meant a little bit as a joke, so don’t take it too seriously ;). But if you read the second point, you can also see that it isn’t about encouraging people to buy more, but to be more appreciative of trainers. I only own 3 pairs of trainers for example and wear them almost every day. It took me a while to find the perfect ones, similar trainers have come along but i always left them in the shop until finding the exact thing that I was looking for.

    Thank you! And yes exactly, it doesn’t only apply to trainers 🙂

  12. Kristy says:

    Lately I have been searching / trying to customize a pair of completely red air max 90s a la the hyper fuse Independence Day editions. My shoe size is size 35, so usually I can’t find limited editions in my size.

    But I have this hope that I can customize them? Maybe I am to do dumb but on the nike Id website, it seems that I cannot make the sole completely red, only inner and outer. It’s funny how such a visually simple request seems impossible.

    if you have any advice I would appreciate it!!! I am not a sneaker head or even a shoe head but sometimes that right style speaks to you….

    I recently let a pair of adidas originals forum low with red and blue stripes ( classic 80s) get by me…which again in my size is impossible to find!

  13. Jesler says:

    Hoewel ik totaal geen nike fan ben (sorry), begrijp ik wel waar jullie de liefde voor de schoen weg halen. Ik koppel
    ze helaas toch echt nog te vaak aan de lompe jongens die 5 tot 10 jaar geleden bij mij in de klas zaten en die elke maand nieuwe moesten hebben…

  14. Love Aesthetics » 6 SYMPTOMS OF NIKE ADDICTION

  15. Craig Hrna says:

    “When someone writes an post he/she retains the thought of
    a user in his/her mind that how a user can be aware of
    it. So that’s why this post is amazing. Thanks!”

  16. Dave Megan says:

    Lately I’m trying to find this pair of shoes online. Yet I can’t find any available stocks.

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