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July 14, 2013

1995 Cut Shirt

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tee: Hema + scissors
Love Aesthetics x Blackblessed

Snip. Snap. The season of scissors is here. In summer I really have to do an effort to control myself to not cut half of my wardrobe to shreds. I’ve done this ever since I was little; in need of a skirt? I would cut a dress in two without thinking twice. Shorts? Same story, my favorite jeans would get slashed in half with no mercy. Strangely I’ve never regretted cutting anything. But my wardrobe has never been as small as it is now, so I must be more careful and not go too crazy. This is the first piece that has been attacked altered by my scissors and me. If you were around in 1995, you’ll remember those shirts with separated sleeves that I’m trying to resemble here. My next plan is to give one of my fitted longsleeves the same treatment.

57 responses to “1995 Cut Shirt”

  1. KxMxA says:

    perfectly bringing the ’95 back haha
    i’ve got the same situation here – half of my closet had some issue with the scissors during the summer. some of the barely survived.


  2. Laura lexo says:

    Really cool! You look great babe


  3. Im soooooo gonba do this!!! Love it!!!!

  4. Laura says:

    90s are back again. So why don’t wear all these things again? Looks great!

  5. Ambrozália says:

    i remember these very well even though im not 90s kid 😀

  6. Mari Na says:

    omg I love shirts like these xD they make me think of anime magical girls for some bizarre reason lol

  7. literally just read this then gone on done it, such an inspiration

  8. Anonymous says:

    Literally sold everywhere. Love Aesthetics does it? GENIUS.

  9. Anonymous says:

    the ones that are sold everywhere are different and tacky. they have a round diagonal cutout exposing the entire shoulder. this is literally a separated sleeve.

  10. Anonymous says:

    you look great with a little tan!

  11. Hello lady,

    I include you in my top blogs lists. Just wana let you know) Love.

  12. Nathan Moy says:

    Olala, this cut out top is really cute! <3

    xx The Provoker

  13. Miss Kutsu says:

    Great idea, and it is so simple to do it! Love the result!

  14. EIGHTY EIGHT says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. EIGHTY EIGHT says:

    looks so cool! been cutting my wardrobe too!

  16. Milex says:

    I love everything here.

  17. Amazing that fashion and personal style can be soo simple and fun!

  18. Chantelle says:

    haha agreed. we sure did cut up a lot of stuff in the 90’s

  19. Only someone like you could do this & succeed. I’ve always been too scared to chop my wardrobe up for fear of ruining my clothes. Kinda like that saying, you don’t know what you’ve got tip it’s gone. I would realized how nice my clothes already are after I managed to shred them up.

    The Fashann Monster

  20. Anonymous says:

    this is so lovely and so innovative! you’re an inspiration!

  21. Looks simple and perfect! Thanks for sharing <3


  22. ann kim says:

    You have the best DIYs!

  23. AmyXx says:

    love this…can be done with so many different shirts too, i love that it’s more emphasised than most cold shoulder tops! fab post : )

    Amy, X

  24. wllwproject says:

    Your top reminded me so much of the one I had from Mango years ago! x

  25. Savage Gem says:

    Love this idea. Its soo simple yet so effective, I love things that show of the shoulder.

  26. alivingdiary says:

    i remember this! i also remember the terrible shoulder tops that didn’t have that top part like this one; the ones that rested horizontally across your arms and chest which made moving your arms to do absolutely anything difficult!

  27. beautiful new blog design!!! I really like it!
    all the best steffi

  28. Nice work dear ! You do well on your own too 🙂

    x Selma

  29. brilliant beyond brilliant. i am in love.

  30. Mika says:

    Love this! Very OG Helmut Lang!

  31. TeuntjeVDW says:

    A revival of the 90’s! Really cool! xx.

  32. Shelly says:

    Ivania!! You make me emotional when I see your posts. Each one is severley simple yet so striking! I LOVE Love-Aesthetics!!

  33. Adelajda says:

    Nice idea! I do the same on my shirt

  34. Haven’t been here in a while… your new hair color is fab. This is a great idea. Going to chop up a tee or two.

    Tanya xx

    November Grey

    {Some of my looks from Paris here and here!}

    {My three year old dresses me in Styled by Stella!}

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. ha!! Love this. I actually STILL HAVE the one I cut up from the 90’s!! lolol. I’m so old.

  37. great look and DIY!

    Verena from Who is Mocca?

  38. Fanny says:

    Yes, remembering this kind of tops quite well !


  39. Amelie Mi says:

    back to my childhood :’D back to the 90’s love it <3

  40. miawodstrup says:

    Just tried this out myself – looks SO great!! Thanks for the inspo! 🙂

  41. Soobin says:

    Love simple DIYs like this! Thanks for sharing!

    “Lets follow each other on bloglovin,Just Another Sydney Girl!”

  42. Shakumbhari says:

    Stylish as always…love your online boutique stuff !!!

  43. Live Bruno says:

    Lovely tunic dear…I just wanna to know which Shoes and Sandals you prefer for such wonderful outfit !!!

  44. Live Bruno says:

    Lovely tunic dear…I just wanna to know which Shoes and Sandals you prefer for such wonderful outfit !!!

  45. GetGlamr says:

    Lovely tunics dear, i want to know your suggestion ondesigner footwear….

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